In French III, students move beyond basic competence in French grammar and pronunciation.  The classroom atmosphere continues to encourage the development of complex listening skills and practical communication (including extended narrations / explanations in past, present and future tenses, detailed descriptions and comparisons, expression of hypothetical situations, expression of wishes / obligations with the goal of persuading others, managing unforeseen communication circumstances, discerning and analyzing simple literary elements such as mood or humor in texts.  Immersion in French during class continues, although at this level it can be pedagogically useful to compare and contrast English with French.  Students continue to study French and francophone culture in greater depth.

French III students are well on their way to proficiency in French and are continuing to work towards meeting state and national standards for Communication (to communicate in languages other than English), Cultures (to gain knowledge about and understanding of other cultures), Connections (to connect with other disciplines and acquire information), Comparisons (to develop insights into the nature of language and culture) and Communities (to participate in multilingual communities).

The student will continue to master the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation of French, becoming very accurate and understandable.  He or she will be comfortable with using complex structures and will understand complex, more rapid speech.  The student will be able to scan, read and analyze texts, including short stories, poems, plays, advertising, dialogues, cartoons, recipes, etc.  He or she will write in a complex and accurate way and continue to learn about French and francophone culture in the world.