In Latin I, students will learn the most basic aspects of Latin grammar while gaining an appreciation of Roman culture, mythology and of the influence of Roman institutions and language on our own.  Students will increase their analytic skills and mental agility as they improve their recognition of English vocabulary and their understanding of English grammar and spelling.  They will also acquire ways of thinking about language along with specific skills and strategies to help them in learning other foreign languages.

Latin I students are laying the foundation for proficiency in translating from Latin to English and are working towards meeting state and national standards for Communication (to communicate in languages other than English), Cultures (to gain knowledge about and understanding of other cultures), Connections (to connect with other disciplines and acquire information), Comparisons (to develop insights into the nature of language and culture) and Communities (to participate in multilingual communities).

The student will master the fundamentals of Latin grammar, translating passages of increasing difficulty and length.  The student will become familiar with aspects of Roman civilization and how they compare to modern counterparts.  He or she will know the major characters and stories of Roman mythology.  He or she will gain insight into how language works, increasing vocabulary and word recognition skills and learning to appreciate how Latin is used today. Students often work in pairs and small groups; from time to time, bees, skits and competitions are used to encourage mastery of forms.  Homework is assigned and evaluated daily, while students are regularly assessed with tests, quizzes and projects.