English 1

Announcement: Students – Remember no matter when we return to school, the first day back we will pick up where we stopped. On that day you’ll responsible for the assignment for September 24th, which was to read the first four letters and two chapters in Frankenstein.

Updated English I Syllabus 9-17

Powerpoints for English 1

8/28 1920 Bernice Bobs Her Hair by F. Scott Fitzgerald

8/30 A&P by John Updike

8/31 1922 The Popular Girl by F. Scott Fitzgerald

9/3-9/10 Renaissance Poetry for English 1

1816 Byron Sketch/Fragment of a Tale

1819 The Vampyre

1818 Frankenstein

1871 Carmilla

1799-1800 Christabel

1819 La Belle Dame sans Merci