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At The Georgetown School…

  • Students are engaged in a broad and challenging program of study led by a full-time faculty whose love for their subjects has led them to earn advanced degrees. They encourage a love of learning that will stay with the students through college and their lives.
  • Students are part of a diverse group, whose different cultural identities are valued. The composition of the student body reflects the population of Georgetown County.
  • Students take many seminar-style classes, where they are encouraged to express and debate their ideas while learning respect for the ideas of others.
  • Students are immersed in a culture of high expectations where no one is allowed to “fall through the cracks.”
  • Active participation in arts, athletics, and community service is the norm.
  • Students learn integrity and honesty by strict adherence to the Honor Code, which is enforced by an Honor Council composed of their peers.
  • Students look to their own future on the job market through regular contact with professionals of the area. Professionals are invited to the school as weekly guest speakers. They and others then offer shadowing/interning opportunities to juniors and seniors.

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