DSC_0719The Georgetown School of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to fostering academic, athletic and artistic excellence in students from grades 5 to 12.  Located in downtown Georgetown and rooted in the community, it is open to all students who wish to pursue a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.  Students of The Georgetown School have the unique opportunity to develop their full potential as scholars and citizens in an individualized and caring environment, while enriching and being enriched by their community.

The Georgetown School is committed to four principles: excellence, inclusion, honor and respect.

  • Students are engaged in a broad and challenging program of study led by a full-time faculty, all of whom hold advanced degrees in their field of expertise.
  • Students are part of a diverse group of young people, whose different cultural identities are valued.  The composition of the student body reflects the entire population of Georgetown County.
  • Students are enIMG_2585couraged to express, discuss and debate their ideas, while learning true respect for the ideas of others.  Through questioning and conversation, students learn to make informed decisions.
  • Students are immersed in a culture of high expectations.  Active participation in arts, athletics, and community service is the norm.
  • Students are taught honesty and integrity in an atmosphere of mutual trust, maintained by the honor code.
  • Students become more involved in the community as they are given opportunities to draw on the rich educational resources of our area.  The study of our local people, history, and environment leads outward to our nation and the world.