katherinepatrickKatherine Wynn Patrick, originally from the Boston area and the Northeast has become almost “Southern”, living, teaching and painting in SC for more than 21 years now. Both a professional artist and educator, Katherine shares her creative passion and expertise with young minds. Her educational background and qualifications include a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wesleyan College, studies at the Massachusetts College of Art, Renaissance Art and Architecture in Italy, as well as many field related workshops. Her artwork can be seen in many private collections, and in galleries in the North East. Katherine believes art is an integral part of every learning experience. She especially loves to collaborate with her fellow teachers in the natural sciences area. Katherine genuinely likes children and finds their freshness invigorating to her teaching as well as her own art work.

Says Katherine, “Anyone can draw and be creative given the opportunity and encouragement. All children can learn to see, express themselves, and feel good about themselves and their ideas. There is nothing more rewarding than the light that blazes when a student is inspired. Our world needs confident, creative individuals who are prepared to meet the challenges of our future and to understand things creatively as well as technically.”

She teaches Studio Art, Photography, Digital Art, and Art History.

Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wesleyan College
6 years teaching at The Georgetown School / 15 years teaching at Lowcountry Prep

Contact Mrs. Patrick: kpatrick@thegeorgetownschool.org