This year’s class will focus primarily on five subgenres of novels and short stories, starting with the Gothic. We will also look at the social-problem story and novel, the comedy of manners, the action/adventure story and novel, and finally, we will look at the changing roles and perceptions of women in literature.

Upcoming Reading:
August 31            Read The Castle of Otranto, Chapter 2.
September 1      Read The Castle of Otranto, Chapter 3.
September 3      Read The Castle of Otranto, Chapter 4.
September 4      Read The Castle of Otranto, Chapter 5.
September 7 Labor Day – No Class
September 8 – PowerPoint on the Shelleys, Byron, and Frankenstein.
September 10 – Finish PowerPoint Read Byron’s “A Fragment of a Tale,”
September 11 – Read John Polidori’s “The Vampyre


Below you will find in a pdf format some of the Gothic/horror texts we will be reading the first nine weeks.

1764,  The Castle of Otranto

1816, “A Fragment of a Tale”

1818,  Frankenstein

1819,  The Vampyre

1820, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

1835, “Young Goodman Brown

Edgar Allan Poe, short stories (available in the book assigned for this class)

1871,  Carmilla

1897/1914 “Draculas Guest

1897,  Dracula

1930, “A Rose for Emily