American Literature

Announcement: Students – Remember no matter when we return to school, the first day back we will pick up where we stopped, so we follow the assignment you had for September 24th. That was a lecture day with no assigned reading.

UPDATED 9-17 American Literature Reading

1849 Hop-Frog

1930 A Rose for Emily

1853 Bartleby the Scrivener

1966 Those Winter Sundays

My Papa’s Waltz

1894 The Story of an Hour

1924 A-Very-Short-Story

1820 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

1835 Young Goodman Brown

1922 The Popular Girl

1961 A&P

1846 A Cask of Amontillado

1840 A Confession Found in a Prison

1843 The Tell-Tale_Heart

1892 The Yellow Wallpaper

1843 The Birth-Mark

1839 William_Wilson

1898 The Turn of the Screw

1841 Self Reliance

1849 Civil Disobedience

1843 Woman in the Nineteenth Century by Margaret Fuller