Abstract Art

DSC_0317On Tuesday, January 23, the high school went on a field trip to the Myrtle Beach Art Museum. They left the school in the morning to see William H. Miller’s art exhibit, “What You See is What You Get.” The exhibit examines an artist’s struggle between two art media: digital art and acrylic painting. Mr. Miller creates abstract art to communicate complex themes and his emotions. He wants to stir a viewer’s mind. Everyone sees something different in his art, Mr. Miller said, “and everyone’s interpretation is valid.” Miller wants to remix his notions of imagery and meaning. The pictures are bold, colorful and dynamic abstractions. However, they are not complete until the viewer forms their own opinion. DSC_0312Avery Rose was intrigued by the art, asking him lots of questions during the tour. He expressed how no matter the medium, art is art.

Following the tour, students made their way to the museum’s upstairs studio. There, each student made their own abstract art. As there was not enough time to use acrylics, the museum provided watercolors. DSC_0319Since Mr. Miller revealed that he often uses words to begin a painting, students were encouraged to write something on their page and paint over it. While the students painted, Mr. Miller asked everyone to draw a shape or line on his phone – he will use them to create his next piece. When everyone had created their own artwork, students thanked the museum and Mr. Miller before piling back into the cars for the return trip. We thank Mr. Miller for sharing his art and wisdom with us, and hope we are able to return to see other wonderful exhibits at the art museum!

By Cathryn and Isabella

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A “Gift” at the Theater

IMG_8447On January 23rd, 2018, the middle school traveled to Charleston to see a performance of The Giver at the Dock Street Theater. All of the students already had experience with the book either from previous or current English classes. “I love for students to see stuff onstage,” said Mrs. Crosby. “A lot of times when you just read a play in a book it’s not the same. I just love for them to get the exposure.” The students, three teachers, and three parents all stuffed into six cars and headed to Charleston in the morning. Before attending the hour-long play, they ate lunch at Waterfront Park, where some students had fun feeding seagulls. The play featured a dystopian future, emphasizing the importance of individuality in a IMG_8456[959]bland and repetitive world. “The cast was very small, but they did a great job,” said Mrs. Morgan. After returning to Georgetown, they ate ice cream and chilled out after an eventful and long day. We always love seeing plays at the Dock Street Theater, and hope we are able to see another there soon!

By Doug

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Holiday Cheer

WP_20171208_08_28_24_Pro‘Tis the season! With the holidays rapidly approaching, TGS students joined in the festivities this week. To prepare for the season, the Environmental Science students decorated the hall. They assembled the Christmas tree, hung ornaments and lights, and set up speakers to ensure TGS was as festive as possible.

On Friday, December 8, the students rushed to the balcony steps as soon as lunch began for the fifth annual TGS Secret Santa. Now, at TGS, we do Secret Santa a little differently: a student does a silly dance in front of the Christmas tree before opening their present and then presenting their gift for the next student. Our gift exchange began with the middle school. The most common gift was candy, which was sure to give the kids a sugar high for their afternoon classes. When the high school took their turn, the exchange became slightly more confusing. The chain of gift-giving was interrupted several timesWP_20171208_12_27_49_Pro, but that didn’t stop them. By far, blankets stole the show. “I started a trend!” Brynn crowed triumphantly, holding her new penguin blanket in the air. Other notable gifts include Margaret’s pun-filled present and Doug and Grayson’s My Little Pony figurines. This year’s Secret Santa was a resounding success. Happy Holidays, TGS!

By Isabella

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Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 3TGS gathered in the hallway to celebrate its fifth annual Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday, November 21, the last school day before Thanksgiving break. Students brought their contributions to our feast before school, filling the Spanish room with all sorts of food. Yorky added a delicious, startlingly green key lime cake to the juniors’ and seniors’ heaping pile of desserts. With the absence of Dr. Razzi, Dr. Gates provided the turkeys. “There were turkeys thawing all over the place!” Madame said.

Setup began after second period with the high school scrambling to find tables while the middle school helped Mrs. Patrick make paper leaves for table decorations. Only after searching all over the school (there was a table on the balcony!) and raiding the art room were Thanksgiving 2there enough seats for everyone. When we sat down, we discovered that one of the pews was broken, which lead to an experimental engineering solution. The Spanish room was then temporarily converted into a food station, with desserts along one wall, sides along another, and Dr. Gates serving turkey by the door.

thanksgiving-1.jpgStudents and teachers carried plates piled high with delicious Thanksgiving foods. As we ate, we discussed the possible outcomes of a hypothetical TGS knife fight to the death, a topic introduced during British Literature earlier in the day. No conclusions were reached. When we had eaten our fill, we quickly cleaned the hallway. The disassembly wasn’t without mishaps, though: the large pot of corn fell off its perch, kernels spraying all over the floor. Arms filled with leftovers, TGS left school for what would be a wonderful Thanksgiving break.

By Isabella

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Chess Competition

On Tuesday, November 14, TGS traveled to Sumter to compete in the SCISA State Chess Competition. Avery Rose, Avi, Chris, Sydni, and Eli each played 5 games of chess, switching pools as the day progressed. The chess team is very proud of their performance, ultimately placing 15th out of 20 teams. “We did really well!” Sydni said. “I got a five-move checkmate!” Avi exclaimed. “I still can’t believe Chris got a three-move checkmate on someone, though.” Sydni played so well, she was able to sit on stage with the top players for a time, while Avery Rose managed to play in checkmate for quite some time without anyone noticing. Though we lost more games than we won, the Kingfishers thoroughly enjoyed their time at the chess competition and have high hopes for next year.

By Isabella

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Drama Festival

cat and chris at dramaOn Wednesday, November 8, TGS took a school-wide field trip to The Sumter Opera House for the SCISA State Drama Festival after sweeping the regionals in October. Our hosts, Lyndi Bonnette of SCISA and the drama team from Wilson Hall, welcomed the three winning middle school and the three winning high school teams to the event.
Our middle school drama team presented Robyn Hood and Her Merry Women third in the morning line-up. We soon found out that Logan had received Honorable Mention in the middle school Best Actor contest.

dramaLunch was Chik-Fil-A, and everyone had fun running around in the lobby, the terrace, the sidewalk and the side area as the temperature outside began to drop precipitously. Nick built a sculpture with super glue.

Again, after lunch, the high school was third in the line-up with French Toast. We watched anxiously as Stoney, Nanette, and Nancy worked out their relations. When the curtain came down and the judges gave their judgement, Chris won Best Actor and Cathryn won Best Actress. The school rejoiced.

best actors 2017Our ride home was light-hearted and went by quickly, Chris’s cheek still smarting from where Naomi slapped him. “My shoe had a bigger role than I did,” joked Eli, who had thumped his show backstage for the sound effect of someone knocking at the door. We had a great time at the Drama Festival, and we would do it again, because Kingfishers are troupers!

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Halloween at the Theater

On Halloween, the 8th, 9th, and 10th grades went to see the classic To Kill a Mockingbird onstage at the Dock Street Theater in Charleston. The theater was completely filled with students from different schools. Most people seemed excited to see this popular book performed onstage. The play showed older Scout was narrating the story and reflecting on her childhood. “I liked how they had a young actor play Scout and the way it was staged,” Jesse commented. Eli added, “It was fantastic, but the audience was disrespectful at some times. Like, the girl in front of my row was playing games and checking Instagram!” It was sad to see the number of students playing on their phones, which proved to be a distraction to others. Though not everyone liked it, overall the play was excellent, with wonderful actors who were able to portray the story very well. It was a fun trip, and we hope to return to the Dock Street Theater for future field trips!

By Naomi

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