(Note from the teacher: If a book is marked “donation possible,” it means that a few copies of it from last year have been collected for this year’s students. If it is marked “new,” it is an addition to the curriculum and should be ordered.)


Winning with Writing Level 5 – Complete Set

Soaring with Spelling Level 5  – Complete Set

Growing with Grammar Level 6 – Complete Set

All must be new
Available at:  https://jackrispublishing.com


Holt Middle School Math, Course 1 – DONATION POSSIBLE

(Available on Amazon)

 ISBN-10: 0030657989 ISBN-13: 978-0030711862


Novels (email sent home each month – class provided or available on Amazon. Under $10)


Science, a Closer Look, Grade 5

Textbook – Donation Possible
ISBN: 0022880097

Available at amazon.com or abebooks.com USED


Harcourt Social Studies: Student Edition Grade 6 US: Civil War to Present 2010 Textbook – NEW or Donation Possible
(Available on Amazon or Abebooks.com)

ISBN: 0-15-347271-5

Harcourt Social Studies: Homework and Practice Book STUDENT Edition Grade 6 US: Civil War to Present – NEW

(Available on Amazon)

Please check under Textbook searches – Frequently bought together

5th Grade Supplies List

1 Large binder with dividers (big enough for 5 subjects)
1 Large Agenda
1 Notebook (for Spanish)

2 Folders

1 Sketchbook (for Art)


Pens (Red, Blue, Black)



Glue sticks

EXPO markers and an Eraser

Pencil Case (big enough for all writing tools, including Art)

Crayons/Colored Pencils and Markers


Index Cards

1 Sketchbook