All Students

Kingfisher uniform: blue oxford shirt embroidered with the school’s logo, , khaki pants or skirt

(Buy shirt and khakis from vendor of your choice– wrinkle-free is easiest. Harbor Specialties on Front Street will embroider shirt for $10)

  • Kingfisher t-shirt (available for order in the fall)
  • agenda for keeping track of homework in all classes 

(A 9.75 x 7.5 composition book will be fine for this; it just needs to have enough space to write detailed homework assignments for 5 subjects every day).

  • library card
  • pencils and pens (red, blue, and black)
  • loose-leaf notebook paper
  • grade- and course-specific supplies listed below

5th Grade

  • 1 large binder with dividers (big enough for 5 subjects)
  • 2 folders
  • pencils and pens (red, blue, black)
  • ruler with a metric and standard units
  • highlighters
  • scissors
  • glue sticks 
  • EXPO markers and an eraser
  • pencil case (big enough for all writing tools, including art)
  • crayons/colored pencils and markers
  • sharpies
  • note cards (several packs)
  • 1 sketchbook and art supplies (see specifics under ART)

6th, 7th, 8th grades

  • pencil case
  • pencils and erasers
  • RED pencils or pens
  • scissors
  • colored pencils (basic set of 8 colors is fine)
  • ruler with a metric and standard units
  • package of sticky notes 3” by 3” (package of 5 pads)
  • package of dividers for binders
  • calculator – dollar store kind is fine for 6th/7th; 8th grade  should get inexpensive scientific calculator or invest in TI84 that will be used on SAT and in high school math 
  • note cards (several packs)
  • graph paper (a package with 3 holes so it will fit in binder)
  • loose leaf paper for all binders
  • 3 one-inch, 3-ring binders with pockets or folders– DON’T GET LARGER BINDERS (they won’t fit in backpack/locker)
  • notebook or binder with at least 4 sections (for Latin); folder or pocket for handouts 
  • 6th/7th grade students: one large binder to use for both geography and science (zip-up is best)
  • 8th grade–just get 1 extra one-inch, 3-ring binder
  • art sketchbook and supplies (see specifics under Art below)

Art: all students in 5th-9th grades; upperclassmen who choose art elective 

  • Pentalic hard-bound sketch book 8 1/2 x 11 inches (order from Amazon or Dick Blick online)
  • Elective digital photography class: camera or iPhone
  • Basic watercolor set with brush. Mrs. Patrick suggests looking for one at The picture below shows a good choice that comes with a decent brush.

A small set of oil pastels. (Please note: These examples are basic, decent quality and can be used multiple years as well as with other classes if needed.)

Art: all students in grades 9-12

–basic drawing kit such as this one available on Amazon for $6.66

Amazon Basics Sketch and Drawing Art Pencil Kit – 17-Piece Set

Art-see list above for 9th grade art history and 10th-12th art electives

Foreign Languages (French or Spanish)

  • notebook or binder with at least 4 sections; folder or pocket for handouts


  • binder or notebook 

Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics

  • binder with loose-leaf paper
  • ruler (metric and standard units)
  • calculator (same one used in math is fine–know how to use the buttons)
  • AP Environmental Science also needs a 9.75 x 7.5 composition notebook dedicated to labs and a folder for completed, typed lab reports

High school students in Algebra I

  • 1” 3-ring binder for use in math class only (binder with folder/pocket in the front)
  • 1 divider to separate notes and work
  • Consider buying a TI84 calculator. You will work problems for class without a calculator, but TI84 will be used for later courses and the SAT.

Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus 

  • TI 84 calculator or better (suggest that you do not get Casio or TI Inspire; also, calculators with internet access may not be allowed on SAT)


  • compass (as a general rule, the higher the quality of the compass, the less often you’ll have to replace it–compasses that use a separate pencil are nearly useless)
  • straight edge
  • graph paper

High school English (Genres, American or British Lit)

  • notebook or 3-ring binder with loose-leaf paper

High school students who have been told they will take English 1 

  • 1” 3-ring binder for use in English class only (binder should have folder or pocket in the front for homework)
  • 3 dividers labeled as follows: Reference, Current Work, Final Exam
  • note: if you have Algebra 1 and English 1, you may use the same binder for both subjects

High School Wednesday classes

  • binder or notebook with folder(s) for Wednesday classes