All Students

Kingfisher Uniform: blue oxford shirt embroidered with the school’s logo (Harbor Specialties on Front Street will embroider for $10); khaki pants or skirt.

Kingfisher t-shirt (available for order in the fall)

Agenda for keeping track of homework and assignments in all classes (a composition book will be fine for this; it just needs to have enough space to write detailed homework assignments for 5 subjects every day.)

Pencils, erasers, ruler, scissors, tape, glue, colored pencils, sharpies, and water based markers.

Library Card

Google Docs account (requires gmail address and password; if parents do not want students to have a gmail account, the student will need a flash drive)

All Middle School

Pencil case with Pencils, Erasers, RED Pencils and Pens, Flash Drive, etc

Colored pencils

Loose leaf paper

1.5 inch 3-ring binder with dividers and pockets for Wednesday classes

Index Cards (1 pack for home and 1 pack for school)

Art, High School and Middle School

Art supplies will not be shared between students. Each student must bring their own supplies. All students should have their own personal (non shareable) plastic shoe box (Dollar General type with lid) supply bin for virus safety.

Pentalic hard-bound sketch book 8 1/2 x 11 inches (order from Amazon online $9.49)

Basic watercolor set with brush. Mrs. Patrick suggests looking for one at The picture below shows a good choice that comes with a decent brush.

A small set of oil pastels. (Please note: These examples are basic, decent quality and can be used multiple years as well as with other classes if needed.)

9th Grade- Flash drive

Elective digital photography class- camera, or iPhone and flash drive

Middle School Math/PreAlgebra/Algebra I

1” 3-ring binder for use in Math class only (binder with folder/pocket in the front)

1 divider to separate notes and work

Graph Paper (a package with 3 holes punches so it will fit in binder)

Pencils with erasers and/or ERASABLE pens


**Expected to complete all math problems WITHOUT the use of a calculator unless specifically instructed to use one.

Pre-Algebra—no calculator

Algebra—consider buying their TI84 (or better) graphing calculator this year. It will be used for later courses and the SAT.


It is important that all students have colored pencils and basic drawing supplies. Items like rulers, Colored pencils, calculators etc. will NOT be shared so students must have their own. Please make sure your student has all items listed on the School Supplies list.

Middle School –Geography and Life Science

Colored pencils; Regular #2 Pencils

Metric ruler; Note Cards

Loose Leaf Notebook Paper

Large binder (one zip up binder is best to hold both science and geography)

Basic calculator

All High School Sciences

Binder, paper, pencils, reasonable calculator (NOT YOUR PHONE)

Note Cards

Metric Ruler

Your math class calculator is fine—you must know how to use the buttons.


Safety goggles ANSI Z87.1 approved, splash-proof (last year Ace carried them; you may purchase wherever)

Language Arts 6th, 7th, and 8th grades/English I

1” 3-ring binder for use in English class only

(binder should have folder or pocket in the front for homework)

3 dividers labeled as follows: “Reference” “Current Work” “Final Exam”

Package of sticky notes 3” by 3” (package of 5 pads)

2 packs of notecards

Foreign Languages (Latin, French, Spanish)

Notebook or binder with at least 4 sections

Pencils and pens

A couple of red pens for homework corrections (NO SHARPIES PLEASE)

Note cards (one pack)

Physical Science, Algebra 2

3-ring binder with paper


(We will discuss the use of calculators in the first week of class)

2021-22 High School Math Classes

Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus:

TI 83 or TI 84 graphing calculator or equivalent. Be advised that any calculator with internet capability cannot be used for any test in any class. (They are also not allowed on standardized tests such as the SATs and ACTs ). The Texas Instrument graphing calculators are strongly suggested, as Casio and other name brands have inferior programming formats.


Mechanical drawing compass, straight edge and graph paper. The compass should not be the kind that uses a regular wooden pencil–the lead should be incorporated into the design. An example of the right sort is pictured below. I would not suggest paying either much less or much more for the compass than the one pictured. If you purchase one of too inferior quality, you will probably have to replace it before the class is over.

High school English

Notebook—3 or 5 subject notebook with pockets would be the best OR 3-ring binder with loose-leaf paper

Pens or Pencils