Museum Visit

TGS students and faculty took advantage of the nice weather on Wednesday, January 15 to walk over to the newly reopened Georgetown County Historical Society Museum on Broad Street.

Museum Director Jill Santopietro greeted students warmly and told us we were the very first school to visit the new facility since its grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony last Friday.

We toured the History Center on the ground floor, which retraces the history of Georgetown from Native American times to the present.  Then we went to the second floor where the main collection is on display.

Jill first showed us the original plan of Georgetown on a very early map of our downtown.  Then we saw a letter written by Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox.  Students were pleasantly surprised to be able to read “Fran’s” handwriting.

The military collections appealed to some of the students, who spent a long time looking at old weapons.  They also liked the model of a shrimp boat.  Other students were more fascinated by decorative display cases from the C. L. Ford store, with drawers that used to contain spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

Dr. Razzi was soon deep in conversation with Jill about the travelling Smithsonian exhibit on the history of sports, coming soon to the Museum.  Jill offered a research partnership to Dr. Razzi’s 8th grade S. C. History class–the class will investigate the history of sports in Georgetown to round out the Smithsonian exhibit with local details.

“Good thing I like history,” said Savanna as the school headed back to the campus for third period.