Floating Docks for the Winyah Bay Sailing Club


A small but enthusiastic group of Kingfisher volunteers gathered at Hazzard Marine early on Saturday, February 1.  They came to help the Winyah Bay Sailing Club finish building a total of four floating docks which will hold its fleet of sailboats.  The floating docks will allow boats kept off trailers and to be stored out of the water.  TGS will be using these boats in the spring for its sailing team, so we wanted to help the club with its project.

First, our new friend Johnny Weaver took us out along the dock to see the floating dock that is already in place and to check out the boats, all 420s donated by a club in Charleston.  “My sailboat is a john boat but my grandchildren love to sail,” Johnny told us.  Then we came back to the parking lot and started getting floats, boards and power tools organized. Johnny Weaver and Chris Register were in charge of the volunteers, with expert help from Noel Desmarteau and Bob Turner, the man with the skil saw!  Soon sawdust was flying and people began pounding screws in the framework with their hammers.  It was very noisy and all the kids there really enjoyed the challenge of getting the screws in straight, so much that they later chose not to use the nail gun to finish the top–they stuck with their hammers!

IMG_5913 IMG_5938

The TGS Sailing Team is looking forward to getting out on the water later this spring, thanks to the Winyah Bay Sailing Club.  The new floating docks will make that process so much easier.  Ashley Desmarteau wrote to us: “We were so impressed to start the day with two teachers and Isabella and Josh from The Georgetown School–thank you for coming on such a dreary day.”