TGS at the MLK, Jr. Parade


Saturday, January 18, was a cold, blustery morning but the weather did not deter The Georgetown School and some 60 other entries from joining the Second Annual MLK Parade.  Sponsored by the Mitney Project, the MLK Parade featured local bands, churches, motorcycle clubs, equestrians and a host of other organizations.Manage My Blogs

TGS students and faculty met earlier in the morning to decorate “our” pick-up truck with cloud shapes containing excerpts from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

The parade pulled out slowly from the area beside Beck and headed down Merriman Road.  Our new Kingfisher mascot attracted a lot of attention from the crowd with his bright blue feathery head (thank you, Mrs. Gates and Mrs. Patrick!).  TGS students waved and tossed candy to a crowd which looked happy and excited despite the cold.  By the end, the crowd was racing the floats to the fantastic celebration at the Howard Adult Center.

parade 2

Congratulations to our friends at The Mitney Project on a very successful event and a huge thank you from TGS to all of our participants.