TGS had a competitive boys’ tennis team this spring which included several girls.  Coached by Dr. Gates, the team practiced in the afternoons down on the brand-new courts at East Bay Park and the West End courts.  They played a total of four matches against Elizabeth Anne Seton Academy (Myrtle Beach) and Palmetto Christian Academy (Charleston).

“It was a great season,” said Coach Gates.  “Everyone improved tremendously and almost everyone eventually won a match.  Our two seniors Grayson and Zachary won their final doubles match, which was really nice.”

Although the team did not win any tournies overall, the season was a valuable learning experience for the Kingfishers.  Four team members had never played tennis competitively before, including Qulex, who won his final match.

Grayson, Zachary, and Naomi were named to the SCISA All-Region Team.

Qulex and Margaret planned a senior night for the team after the final match against EAS on April 25.  “Qulex delivered a beautiful speech about how we are teammates and brothers,” said Zachary.  “I almost got tears in my eyes.”  He and Grayson, the two senior honorees, received baskets of candy with a tennis theme.

2019 TGS Tennis Team players included Jesse Deluca, Qulex Dickerson, Naomi Higgins, Manny Marcantoni, Rebecca Kaminski, Grayson Sossamon, and Zachary Wesolowski.