Kingfishers ended their first week of school on a really high note: River Day!  Thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Crosby, we were once again able to make our annual jaunt out to the Black River for tons of fun activities all afternoon and into the evening.

The first adventure was getting there in teachers’ cars with all our gear and all the donated food.  The second adventure was finding a life vest that fit and actually getting it buckled up.

Then came the good part: hours of activities both on an off the water.  River Day is when you can relax and enjoy what you want to do—kayaking, swimming, paddle-boarding, volleyball, water balloons, knee-boarding, tubing, chatting with friends, and riding in a motor boat.  The head of school lurked around in his kayak and splashed unsuspecting students.  Everyone got wet!

Water and land sports were going full tilt as the sky gradually began to darken and cloud over.  Around 4:00, we heard the first rumble of thunder.  “Everybody out the water,” shouted all the teachers.  Kayaks were beached and people made their way up onto the deck and frantically searched for their towels.  We took a moment to eat some snacks, then there was a giant clap of thunder right overhead.  “Everyone inside!” shouted Mrs. Crosby.  She sprang into action, furnishing a bucket of old towels for people to sit on as they crowded her living room.

Mrs. Patrick, Dr. Simmons, and Qulex courageously braved the ensuing downpour to grill hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner.  Mrs. Simmons ran back and forth, setting up the fixings and plates.  The rain didn’t stop but it was time to eat.  Dr. Gates called each class in turn and the rain still didn’t stop.

Kingfishers were tired and happy after their meal—also ready to get a hot shower and dry off.  They thanked Mrs. Crosby and went off to the first weekend of the school year, still wrapped in their towels.