It’s hard to imagine that students would volunteer to spend their free time doing math, but then again, anything is possible at TGS!  Demand for the Middle School Math Meet was so high that the school had to split up into two teams.  On October 22, the huge group of middle schoolers piled into cars and set off to the Sumpter Civic Center.  They were escorted there by Mrs Crosby, Mrs Craig, and Mr and Mrs Howard.  On the two teams are Morgan, Annika, Camper, Blake, Trey, Destiny, J’Marion, Matthew, Gabby, and Baryck.

“We did all right, actually.”  Camper shared after the event was over.  “And we raided the vending machines.”  She also described meeting new friends from the other teams, although she could not recall their names.  Morgan and Matthew earned the highest scores of their teams, although they did not place in the overall competition.  Regardless, they had a great time and it was a fun learning experience for everyone.