Since the first days of October, the anticipation had been building to celebrate the “spooky season.”  The last day of the month, the day we’ve been waiting for was finally here: Halloween. Disguised as everything from cowboys to ghosts, almost the entire school was dressed to impress for the special day.  “We’re the Spice Girls!” Mrs. Patrick announced, sporting a red apron and a seasoning label along with several of her fellow teachers. Other highlights included a penguin, Wednesday Addams, a turtle, witches, superheros, movie characters, and a pair of middle-schoolers jointly disguised as a horse.

At lunch, teachers and students lined up their cars outside for a Trunk-n-Treat.  As students piled candy (and clementines) into their bags, they chatted about the day and their plans for that night.  Immediately after the Trunk-n-Treat, students showed off their costumes in the annual Halloween parade. “It’s the best holiday,” Ryleigh sighed wistfully. “And I can’t wait to start planning my costume for next year.”  Thanks to student president Margaret and to the entire Student Council for getting the day organized!

By Ryleigh