Last Saturday, the middle school Mock Trial team met at the Municipal Center to compete in their regional competition, sponsored by the SC Bar Association.  Team sponsors Dr Gates and local lawyer Liz Attias were there to guide them, but now it was up to the students. They presented their case in a real courtroom, judged by a panel of real-life judges.  The team consisted of Destiny, Matthew, Camper, Stone, J’Marion, Bristol, Corin, Evan, Kipper, and Blake. “It was hard. It was challenging.” Destiny explained. “I messed up one thing, but I think I did pretty well.”

The team won several awards from the competition.  They won the first round, in which their plaintiffs went up against another team’s defense.  Although they lost their own defensive round, the team was pleased with their results. Camper was named the Most Effective Plaintiff, and Fletcher was named Most Effective Witness for their round.  “It was very long and tiring,” Camper admitted. “But in the end, it was a lot of fun!”

By Ryleigh