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Patricia Devine-Harms, owner and operator of the Purr & Pour Cat Café on Front Street, was our guest speaker on October 23. Patricia moved to Georgetown from New Jersey several years ago with her husband Steve, but did not leave behind the commitment to advocacy which has always been her passion. In N. J., she helped victims of domestic violence, troubled teens, and fought against human trafficking.  Once she got settled in Georgetown, she decided to help St. Frances Animal Shelter by opening the Purr & Pour Cat Café.

Cat cafés redefine the whole cat adoption process and make it a pleasant experience.  Patrons can interact with the kitties in a clean and quiet setting; there are no cages and no pressure.  Patricia did not enter into this business lightly.  She visited many cat cafés, contacted their owners for information, and studied their websites. Inspired, she chose Front Street as the perfect place to open her very own Cat Café.  Kingfishers were interested to learn that the Purr & Pour is not a non-profit.  Patricia did not want to compete in any way with St. Frances—all adoption fees go right back to the charity.  To date, the Purr & Pour has placed 24 cats into loving homes since opening in June.  “We measure success by adoptions,” she said.  “It’s not about making a profit, but making a difference.”  Cat cafés around the U.S. have created opportunities for over 16,000 cat adoptions in the last five years!

Patricia emphasized that cooperation and collaboration are key components in creating a successful business. She is cooperating with Indigo Bakery, and Coffee Break Café to supply sandwiches and coffee to the customers. She is supported by people in the community.  And cat cafés are a beautiful collaboration between people and animals: they not only provide a safe space for people to relax and relieve stress, but they also create a safe haven for cats to live and be introduced to people.

By T. J.