A tragic fire which destroyed almost the entire 700 block of Front Street riverside became a learning experience for The Georgetown School.  Inspired by the Open Forum speaker this morning (Sept. 25), reporter Jason Lesley of The Coastal Observer, students and teachers walked down to Front Street to interview workers and bystanders, and to photograph the events.  Mr. Lesley stressed the importance of providing information quickly and accurately to members of the community and got students enthused about investigating this particular story and helping people understand the terrible news. For most students, conducting an interview was a new experience.

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They quickly overcame their shyness, talking to policemen, firefighters, property owners, insurance agents and eyewitnesses.  Students reconvened at the school around lunchtime to choose photos and to begin writing up their interviews in a news story.  To read the story, click here. http://tgsthewire.wordpress.com/