Language buddiesHow many middle school students have helped teach English to children who speak other languages? Yesterday, our TGS students began volunteering to do just that. During study hall, our sixth graders met their Asian language buddies at Kensington Elementary School. The little girls, kindergarten students, knew only a few words of English. Our students helped the children practice body terms such as eyes, nose, and mouth; classroom vocabulary such as pencil, book, and scissors; and “b” words such as ball, bat, and boy. 

Next week, our seventh graders will work with their Hispanic language buddies at Kensington. Our students will read to their buddies and play games to help the children expand their vocabularies. Two of our seventh graders are bilingual! Their Spanish skills will help them relate to the younger children in a way most students cannot.   Teachers at Kensington are excited to have TGS students as role models and tutors for their English language learners. The elementary children look up to our students and look forward to interacting with them. In addition, our students have an opportunity to develop their leadership skills.