IMG_5542                                                                                 IMG_5544Five TGS students answered a call for help from Shelia Sullivan and Heather Pelham at the Georgetown Library: they needed kids to star in a video which will air soon in the form of a public service announcement.

The theme of the day seemed to be explosions and fire.  Librarian Amy King arrived and began to pull all sorts of unusual items out of her bag for the video.

Stay tuned!  You will see money burning in alcohol (Brooke at the left with tongs), soda exploding out of a bottle when a Mento is dropped in (Nathan, Zach and Lochlyn sneaking up on unsuspecting bottle, left), and plastic bag “volcanoes” of baking soda and vinegar exploding over Library Park.  These mysterious scenes will be used to promote summer programs at all the libraries in Georgetown County.