ImageBaseball is a great sport and professional baseball is an absolute blast!  The Georgetown School was lucky enough to be able to watch the Washington Nationals play the Miami Marlins on the third night of our recent jaunt to the nation’s capital, April 10.  It was an exciting game: Ian Desmond hit a grand slam, Jayson Werth got a home run and Stephen Strasburg pitched 12 strikeouts! “They put our name on the Jumbo-tron, which was really cool,” said Lizzy.  Along with the Jumbo-tron, the Kingfishers had plenty of stuff to watch besides the game itself.  For example, the traditional “race of the presidents” at the seventh inning had a surprise winner, a giant Abe Lincoln who proudly held up a Wrestlemania belt.  One final cool thing was that everyone got more or less $15 worth of food and Nats products with their ticket.  The scanners weren’t working at the checkouts so stadium personnel had to estimate.  Maybe it worked in our favor!