Ms. Smalls helps out making the baby Kingfisher costume.

Meet Ms. Smalls, the newest addition to our Kingfisher family. Ms. Smalls moved to Georgetown from New York City when she was ten years old.  “I had culture shock!” she admits, “I think I cried the whole first year!”  After graduating from Howard University, she worked in Washington, D.C.  Then she moved back to Georgetown to be with her grandmother.  She comes to The Georgetown School from the Mitney Project and is now assisting Mrs. Swietzer as our administrative assistant.  “Yes, I love to be a secretary,” she smiled, “My favorite part of being here is that everyone is friendly.” Two little known facts about Ms. Smalls are: she has a huge book collection (she estimates it to be about 1700 books on the subject of African American and European Studies) and once she fell down the stairs at TGS after tripping on her dress. (She was not hurt!) It is great to have such a funny and nice person working with us.