photo 2 (15)The Georgetown School’s high school drama students took first place in the SCISA Regional One-Act Play Competition at the historic Winyah Auditorium on October 22 with “Wait Wait Bo-Bait,” a series of vignettes about the psychology of waiting directed by TGS drama coach Judith Gates.  TGS middle school students presented “C’mon Dance,” and earned third place with this drama about the value and difficulty of being true to oneself.  Regional second place for high school went to Lowcountry Prep with their original play “Neverland,” featuring Petra Pan, Wendy, kids and pirates, directed by drama teacher Hannah Grippo.

photo 4 (3)Middle School drama was also well  represented.  Pawley’s Island Christian won first place with an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” directed by Kathy Morgan, while Florence Christian garnered second place with their comic “Bad Auditions,” directed by Megan Kendall.  Best High School actor awards were given to Lance Rogers of Florence Christian and Avery McMillen of Lowcountry Prep.  Best Middle School actor awards were given to C. J. Fuller of Florence Christian and Georgia Beacham of Pawley’s Island Christian.

IMG_7582TGS would like to thank Lowcountry Prep, Pawley’s Island Christian and Florence Christian for your participation.  We enjoyed sharing the stage at the Winyah Auditorium with all of you and we enjoyed meeting all the sponsors, parents and kids.  Many thanks to all the drama coaches for your fine work and congratulations to all the winners.  Finally, we want to extend our appreciation to the Winyah Auditorium and our distinguished panel of judges: Jim Calk, Lauren Joseph, Stacy Rabon and Jeremy Vause. We hope to see you next year, so break a leg!

Wednesday, October 29 “Momma” Gates brought an amazingly large sheet cake with icing in our school colors to celebrate the victory.  Everyone had blue lips and teeth there for awhile at lunch!  photo 3 (8)