IMG_8882“In what book was the kitchen painted yellow with sail boats in the molding?”  This was just one of the many difficult questions that TGS sixth and seventh graders dealt with on November 20 when they traveled to Thomas Sumter Academy for the 2014 SCISA Battle of the Books.  To compete in this event, teams of students had to read 20 books and answer questions about them.

“This was our first time at the Battle of the Books and I am quite proud of the students for doing well,” said Mrs. Lane Crosby, “We did not know what to expect.”  Seventh grader Bronwen agreed, “It was much more challenging than we originally expected.” The Kingfishers rose to the challenge, though.  They played three rounds, winning one and almost winning a second!

Battle of the Books was a learning experience for the participants this year.  Next year, they can better prepare by reading all the books on the list and by being ready for the in-depth, detailed questions.  Dr. Neubauer reminded everyone that “Competition is good, whether in sports or academics” and the day was certainly a success from that point of view.  Thank you, Mrs. Crosby and Dr. Neubauer for organizing and chaperoning the trip!

Story by Grayha (7th grade)