DSC_0426When we do something here at TGS when always do it big! On Tuesday, November 24, 2015, Kingfishers all gathered in the downstairs hallway for our third annual Thanksgiving Feast. Along with the 60 Kingfishers, we had two 22-pound turkeys, one 14-pound rotisserie turkey, two smoked turkey breasts, and one tofurkey. Down the middle of the hallway we had tables lined up measuring 52 feet and to the side was an extra 12 foot table, all surrounded by 60 chairs for the Kingfishers to park on while feasting. All the food was served in the Foreign Language room for easy access when it was time to dig in. Besides stuffing, green beans, corn and rolls, there were two serving trays of Lizzy’s dad’s sweet potatoes, three crockpots of Mrs. Crosby’s mashed potatoes, one gallon of gravy, 15 or more desserts to choose from, 18 sticks of butter (more than we would ever use!), and to top it all off we had 5 gallons of lemonade and tea to keep everyone from getting parched. If you left hungry, it was definitely your fault.

DSC_0423Dr. Gates blessed the food before we began lining up to fix our plates. “We made a big snake,” said Mme Gates, “We started on one side of the table and snaked around until everybody had their plate made.” After an hour and a half of eating, we were all as stuffed as the turkeys were! Average per person weight gain that day: three pounds?

by Meredith Owens