IMG_9800 (1)The day after we came back to school after Christmas break, grades 5-8 were on the road to Myrtle Beach to the Burroughs and Chapin Art Museum. They saw current exhibits featuring the works of Jim Arendt, Jonathan Green, David Shriver and Frank Lloyd Wright.  Patricia Goodwin, director of the museum, led the tour.

Jim Arendt’s exhibit Indigo: Works in Denim featured representations of his family constructed of layers of different-colored denim.  Indigo was an important S. C. cash crop and its dye gives denim its blue color.  Each student brought an old pair of blue jeans to do a project inspired by Arendt’s workAriel Fatuova, education specialist, instructed students to make a collage with cut-up blue jeans, layering them to use the different values of indigo.  Students created landscapes, dragons and faces. “Riley did a phenomenal eyeball!” said art teacher Kathy Patrick.

Middle School represented The Georgetown School very well that day. Ms. Goodwin and Ms. Fatuova were very impressed with how cooperative and helpful our students were.  They were quiet and attentive, and (unlike other groups) they cleaned up their classroom before heading back to Georgetown.  Great job, Middle School!  Thanks to Mrs. Patrick for arranging this trip and to our parents for driving.