DSC_0772DSC_0774Dr. Neubauer, Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Montgomery put in a lot of hard work to guide our young researchers with their projects. From studying sharks to testing Wi-Fi, our 2016 Science Fair had a little of everything.  The 2016 big event took place on February 25 in the downstairs front hall. Well-dressed students patiently stood by their projects all morning as a panel of judges circulated and asked questions. By lunchtime, they had chosen the winners and Dr. Neubauer announced them in a special ceremony at the end of lunch.

Science Fair trains students in the scientific method. Students must also learn to present their findings in a clear and compelling way on the boards. Finally, they must practice persuasive speaking when talking about their projects with the judges. Science Fair  allows development of these three valuable life skills. First place honors went to Isaac Shumard (4th-6th grades), Margaret Buxton (7th-8th grades), and Lochlyn Hejl (9th-12th grades). All winners are looking forward to participating in the Lowcountry Science Fair at the College of Charleston on April 5.

 Many thanks to our distinguished panel of judges: Frank Johnson (meteorologist, Channel 13), Dr. Dan Hitchcock (Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology), Beth Thomas and Melissa Heinz (National Estuarine Reserve Reserve) and three senior students of Coastal Carolina marine biology professor Dr. Julie Harding.