Fifth Grade Gets Out


Beth Miller, Bertha Cole, Kenneth Maswell, Frank Healan and June Svedburg pose with Isaac, Cambree, Lucy and Amelia

Mrs. Montgomery’s fifth-graders have been staying busy! Once a quarter, they go visit their friends at Morningside Assisted Living.  There, the residents tell their stories as fifth-graders interview them. Everyone enjoys the conversations and the kids have a great opportunity to practice their listening and recording skills. “We are building friendships!” says Mrs. Montgomery.


V__EA76On February 18, the class went to the Gaillard Center in Charleston to see the “Building With Boeing” exhibit. Students enjoyed the highly interactive displays, and even got to build a model of a supersonic jet and become a bird using virtual-reality technology. “It was amazing, incredible!” said Graham. “My dad enjoyed it a lot, too!” said Lucy. The students were able to view the latest flight technology, including a “robotic bee” used to collect information about pollen. Thank you Mrs. Montgomery and chaperons for an awesome day.

(interviews by Zachary Wesolowski)

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