First-year Kingfishers dissected jellyfish on Wednesday, April 13 for Biology. The whole lab smelled like the ocean as Dr. Neubauer plopped a fresh jellyfish from a paint bucket onto all the students’ trays. Students had different reactions to these invertebrates: Ashley was sort of afraid of them while Ty started digging right in there. Students found the jellyfish very slimy and squishy, but also tougher than you might think.

For most of the students, this was their first dissection. Some thought the whole process was gross but others thought it was fun. Most of them made neat cuts but at least one chopped, poked and stabbed his poor creature. The actual dissection procedure was rather complicated: students had to carefully cut open the jellyfish in specific areas in order to find and identify its parts. Surprise! Grayson’s and Wilfredo’s jellyfish had a crab living inside of it.

By Zachary Wesolowski