Hail, Caesar!

Kingfishers love to get up and go on adventures, so on Tuesday April 19, Middle School took a trip to Columbia for the day. Mrs. Crosby, Mrs. Montgomery, parents, and kids, piled into cars at 8:45 and headed out to have a wonderful day! Their next stop: the South Carolina State Museum.

Students visited the exhibit Julius Caesar: Roman Military Might and Machines, doing tons of neat things. They went on a scavenger hunt, they built walls and arches, and they saw a model Roman amphitheater and a water clock. There were many other shows for them to explore as well: dinosaurs, American History, and inventions. “The exhibits were so cool,” Nick said, “I thought the people were real.” (He was referring to a plantation exhibit that had mannequins in front of a life-size slave cabin.) One hands-on activity students did was about friction—they tried to win a tug-of-war while wearing slippery socks!

The Kingfishers had a fun-filled day. Thank you to our chaperones and drivers: Mr. and Mrs. Hensley, Ms. Higgins, Mrs. Bredemeier, and Mrs. Shumard and thank you Mrs. Crosby for organizing.

By Meredith Owens and Zachary Wesolowski

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