On Wednesday, March 7, TGS students arrived at school before 7AM to travel to the SCISA State Literary Meet. The high schoolers in Mrs. Josie’s car jammed out to some show tunes on the way down to Charleston Southern University, the Literary Meet’s new home.

Upon arrival, TGS split up into groups for the competition. In the essay division, Isabella, Grayson, Ethan, and Julia wrote about problems such as guns in schools and Shaun White’s Olympic flag mishap. Chris, Margaret, Isaac, and Manny spoke about controversial political issues like last season’s NFL protests in extemporaneous speaking. Delsin recited poetry, and Cathryn, Jesse, Kate, and Logan performed monologues in Oral Interpretation: Dramatic. When the competition took a break for lunch, everyone felt confident. “I think I did great!” Margaret said.

The awards ceremony did not turn out quite as TGS had hoped. “Seriously, Wilson Hall, again?” Chris asked, a sentiment that echoed through the entire group. Manny won third place for her speech on women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, taking home the only TGS award of the day. After fighting the fierce winds to take a picture, the team headed back to the cars, ready to go home after a long day.

By Isabella