You’re amazing, Horror High!

At 7:00 pm on April 17, guidance counselor Miss Medusa came on stage to open senior year at Horror High: The Musical.  Directed by Josie Thames and Kathy Morgan, Horror High features a motley class of teenage zombies, werewolves, monsters, vampires, goblins, mad scientists, witches, mummies, ghosts and vampires.  These strange students face the same joys and challenges as “normal” teenagers do: dating, sports, student elections, prom, clubs and more, all under the watchful eyes of Principal Reaper and Coach Minotaur.  Our Kingfisher thespians did a great job with a very ambitious project and brought about 120 appreciative spectators to the Winyah Auditorium.  Congratulations to the cast, their parents and our intrepid directors!

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