River Day!  That’s where Kingfishers swim, paddle-board, kayak, knee-board, wake-board, wake-surf, ride in boats, swing, throw water balloons and EAT with all their friends at Mrs. Crosby’s home out on Black River.  Ever since the traditional River Day date was rained out back in May, we have been waiting for this party!

The weather on Saturday, August 25, could not have been nicer.  Dr. Crosby, Drew Crosby, and

Mr. Dickinson drove boats up and down all afternoon so everybody had a chance to try whatever sport they wanted.  Meanwhile at the docks, it was kayak wars and cannon balls under the watchful eyes of Dr. Neubauer, Dr. Gates and Avery Rose.  Kingfishers “shared” paddle-boards, sometimes cramming up to four people atop before losing their balance.  Mrs. Crosby was everywhere at once, like a benevolent general, passing out life vests and making sure everything was going smoothly.

There was also food everywhere: chips, honey-buns, watermelon and Dr. Crosby’s famous boiled peanuts.  Dr. Simmons and Mrs. Patrick did a fabulous job grilling the hot dogs and hamburgers.  How did we have room for dinner and dessert, much less a second dessert of so’mores over a late afternoon fire?  Somehow, we managed to fit in some toasted marshmallows at the end!

DSC_0402As the sun started going down, parents began arriving and this lovely day drew to a close.  Kayaks and paddle-boards were loaded onto racks and trailers. Life-vests, wet towels, and tired kids were sorted into their cars.  Everyone had a blast, as always, and we can’t wait for the next River Day. Many thanks to the Crosby family and to all the other families who shared boats and equipment, and thanks to all the parents for the food and transportation!