The TGS Robotics Team took a trip to Charleston to hear a talk by Don Thomas, a retired astronaut who has been on the International Space Station four times.  They were very interested to hear all about the dangers of space travel, hoping to use this information in their Robotics competition.  This year’s Robotics competition’s theme is “Into Orbit,” and it challenges students to find innovative solutions to the problems of space travel.

Students were amazed by Thomas’ tales of outer space, especially by his photos of Charleston taken from the Space Station, and of astronauts floating through the halls of the Space Station. “It was worth the drive,” said Robotics sponsor Mrs. Crosby. “They were absolutely fascinated.”

According to Thomas, there are several problems with space travel.  The first is that you feel very far away and disconnected from everyone else.  The second is that your muscles and bones can atrophy in the lack of gravity, causing you to feel dizzy and made of lead when you come back home.  However, Thomas claims the worst issue of space travel is the food.

Using the five core skills of the Robotics Competition (discovery, innovation, impact, inclusion, teamwork), the team will attempt to find a solution to one of the problems that Thomas mentioned in his talk.  The team will present their solution in the regional competition this November.

By Ryleigh