Robotics States 2018The Angry Nerds, our middle school Robotics Team, were excited to attend the annual S.C. FIRST LEGO League competition at Ten Oaks Middle School on November 8.  This year’s theme was “Into Orbit,” and students were challenged to find an innovative solution to one of the problems of space travel.  Students attended a talk by retired astronaut Don Thomas, who told them that one of the biggest issues is the bad food.  At present, astronauts cannot have crumbly food because the crumbs could float around and get in the machinery or be aspirated.  The Angry Nerds though the astronauts would appreciate a greater variety of dining choices. So they decided to design a self-cleaning food tray that would vacuum up crumbs.

The team also competed against 140 other participants in Robot Runs, Core Value projects, and a parade. “We got killed in Core Values,” admitted sponsor Mrs. Crosby.  Although they didn’t win any prizes, the students had a great time.  “I enjoyed everything,” said Annika, “but especially the time in between, when we were playing chess and cards.”  Thank you, Mrs. Crosby, for all your hard work and Angry Nerds parents for your wonderful support this year.