On Wednesday, March 6, students from TGS attended the SCISA Literary Meet.  Grayson, Margaret, Ryleigh, Qulex, Kate, and Eli represented the high school.  Ella, Hayden, Kendall, Kelsey, J’marion, Trey, and Isaac represented the middle school.  At the meet, they participated in various literary competitions.  In Oral Interpretation, students recited either dramatic or humorous monologues.  In Extemporaneous Speaking, they wrote speeches about important topics of the modern day, such as Trump’s wall or the anti-vax movement.  In the Essay Writing competition, students had an hour to write an essay about their choice of five topics, ranging from government-funded space travel to illegal immigration.  In Poetry Recitation, students memorized and presented their favorite poems to the judges.

In the high school boys Essay Writing competition, Grayson took home the trophy.  Following in the footsteps of TGS alumni Isabella, Chris, and Top, he won first place.  In Extemporaneous Speaking, Ella won second place out of the middle school girls. Although none of the other TGS students won awards, they all did a fantastic job and had a great time at the Literary Meet.  “It’s not about winning.”  Dr Simmons, the high school chaperone, encouraged the students.  “It’s about doing the best you can.”

By Ryleigh