After months of anticipation, prom night was finally here.  Almost the entire high school gathered in Hobcaw’s Kimbel Lodge to celebrate and dance the night away.  The theme this year was Enchanted Forest, and students were in awe of how well the juniors had pulled it off.  Hanging vines and flowers surrounded the dance floor, while strings of light cast a golden glow over the room.  “We put so much work into this.”  Margaret said.  “It looks just like I imagined it, but better.”

Margaret, Ryleigh, Qulex, and Camille put in countless hours of hard work planning and preparing.  They used fundraisers such as movie nights, hot chocolate, and Gatorade sales to raise over $1200 for prom.  This allowed them to rent a new venue, purchase hundreds of dollars of fake flowers and decorations, and hire the school’s first-ever DJ and official photographer.

Before prom, everyone went out to dinner with their friends.  As usual, this ran late, causing half of the guests to arrive twenty minutes later than scheduled.  The night culminated in the coronation of Zach and Cathryn as Prom King and Queen, who were then forced into an awkward slow dance.  Of course, the party didn’t stop when prom was over.  Immediately after cleanup, almost everyone drove up to Surfside to go bowling.  They didn’t leave the bowling alley until well after 1:00 in the morning, when they headed to friends’ houses to spend the night.  “I’m surprised so many people showed up.”  Manny commented at the bowling alley.  “I was expecting just five or six people, but it looks like everybody is here.”

The night was a smashing success.  “Best party I’ve ever been to,”  Ethan declared, as he tried and failed to dance.  Other students shared similar sentiments.  “It’s easily the best prom our school has ever had,”  Brynn agreed with him, while Rebecca said that it was “absolutely beautiful.”  One thing is certain: next year’s juniors will have a lot to live up to.