Ryleigh and Margaret stand with their framed jerseys, new volleyballs, and wonderful team-mates after the ceremony

Monday was the first day back from the hurricane, but that wasn’t the only reason why it was special.  The Kingfishers volleyball team competed in their second game of the season, this time against Coastal Leadership Academy.  Not only did the Kingfishers emerge victorious, but the sophomores chose this night to celebrate and honor their captains with Senior Night.

The game was a smashing success, with co-captains Margaret and Ryleigh leading their team to victory.  Every member of the team did an amazing job, winning all three games and keeping their energy up all night long.  “We’ve broken school tradition!” Margaret joked after the game.  “I think this is the first time we’ve ever won a senior night!”

Kingfishers put their hands in for a shout after a timeout

As they celebrated their victory, sophomores Kate and Manny, along with the rest of the team, had a surprise for their captains.  They gave a heartfelt speech about their memories of their time on the volleyball team and how happy they were to have Margaret and Ryleigh leading and working with them.  After their speech, which almost brought Margaret to tears, Kate and Manny presented the captains with a gift: their framed jerseys from the previous year and a brand-new volleyball for each of them.  They also gave flowers to the seniors’ parents as a thank you for all of their help this volleyball season.  Thank you to the sophomores for making this such a special night, and thank you to the seniors for giving us a volleyball season to remember!

The Coastal Leadership Academy Archers congratulate the Kingfishers on winning 3-0.