Wednesday, September 18, was the annual Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Challenge for Mrs. Crosby’s LA 1 and 2.  Students had written up explicit instructions to prepare one of these tasty treats.  They presented their instructions in front of the class and Mrs. Crosby carried them out to the letter with the materials on her desk.

“Please read EXACTLY what you have written!” she instructed as AyShona got up to make her presentation.  Unfortunately, AyShona forgot to mention that the jars of peanut butter and jelly had to be opened and their contents scooped out, resulting in much laughter as Mrs. Crosby actually placed the full jars onto the bread.  AyShona went back to her seat with just squished bread on a paper plate.

Hayden fared slightly better.  “Put jelly all over the bread,” he told Mrs. Crosby.  In this way, he ended up with a slice of bread smeared all over with grape jelly.  Bristol’s and Baryck’s instructions left Mrs. Crosby futilely stabbing at the unopened jars with the bread knife.  And on it went!  Students learned some valuable lessons about getting their message across in writing: words matter and you have to pay attention and put yourself in the place of the reader!