The day we had been waiting for was finally here: the annual SCISA High School Quiz Bowl competition.  After having competed with other students for their places on the team, the four students on the team were eager to go.  Margaret, Ryleigh, Camille, and Ethan piled into Dr Gates’s car and drove to North Myrtle Beach Christian.

In the morning, TGS went up against Lowcountry, Christian School, and Pee Dee Academy.  They were faced with rapid-fire questions about math, history, science, and more. Not having participated in the quiz bowl the previous year or practiced, TGS was at a disadvantage and struggled to keep up with the other teams.

Even though the team didn’t win, everybody learned a lot.  “We lost pretty terribly,” Margaret admitted after the event was over. “But there was a lot of stuff in there that we just didn’t know.” Despite their loss, every team member went home with a very mild sense of accomplishment. “We still tried our best and had a great time,” said Margaret.

By Ryleigh.