In their first games of the season, Girls’ Varsity and Boys’ Junior Varsity Basketball went up against the Knights of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton on January 7 out at the Tara Hall.  Up first were the boys, who held their own despite their youth and inexperience.  J’Marion led the scoring.  “I was so proud of Kipper when he realized that he could really get something done out there,” said Qulex, who serves as assistant coach to Coach Gates.  “The most impressive thing was the number of times they forced turnovers on defense,” said Coach Gates.  “We were ahead with that stat.”

Next up were the girls, led by Coach Ken Wright.  They put up a good fight but came up short, letting the other team make several easy lay-ups and get ahead.  Under the basket, Margaret led the scoring and yelled at the girls to stay focused.  “My favorite part of the whole game was when Emily scored her three-pointer from the corner,” she said.  “Did y’all see her face?”

The Kingfisher girls face off against the Lady Marlins on January 9 at Lowcountry.