“Are you excited?” Margaret asked, practically bouncing in her seat.  “I’m excited!”  It was the morning of the SCISA Math Meet, and the team met at school bright and early for the big day.  Margaret, Ryleigh, Kate, Rebecca, and Fisher all piled into Mrs Crosby’s truck, along with chaperone Dr Gates.  They set off for the Sumter County Civic Center, although they ran into trouble along the way.  Navigating road closures and dirt roads riddled with potholes, they made it just in time.

The Math Meet is composed of two parts: the written test and the speed round.  On the written tests, students had one hour to complete a set of 50 questions.  Ranging in subject from logarithmic equations to geometry to calculus, the questions were designed to challenge students and really make them think.  After the test, the TGS team enjoyed a game of cards while they ate their lunches, and then it was time for the speed round.

Each student had to answer five questions, with only one minute to solve each one.  Calculators were not permitted in the speed round, adding another layer of difficulty.  It was a tough competition.  Ryleigh scored the highest out of the team, but everyone did their best and had a great time.  Although they didn’t win any awards, the Kingfishers were all smiles when they left.  “It was a long day,” Ryleigh shared after the competition, “but I think we did pretty good.”

By Ryleigh