On Wednesday, October 6, our school welcomed Marsh Deane, a former student of many of our teachers, who is now working locally. Marsh grew up in Pawleys Island and graduated from Lowcountry in 2008. He went on to attend Clemson University to study landscape architecture. However, Marsh switched majors a few times before transferring to Coastal Carolina University, where he got his degree. He realized he was on a winding path to discover what he was really passionate about: nature.

“I love nature,” Marsh told us, and so he has returned to his childhood roots. As a kid, Marsh had thrived in the great outdoors, spending a lot of time outdoors on Pawleys Island and the Black River. One of his biggest inspirations growing up was Steve Irwin, the Australian conservationist and star of Crocodile Hunter.  Marsh began to think about a career in nature photography and videography in our area.

So he started MLML Media, partly in response to people’s general attitude towards millennials. “Some people think we are selfish and uncaring,” he said.  “But I want to prove them wrong.”  Marsh is now a videographer/photographer, and shares his enthusiasm for nature by working with different groups on projects.  He has an annual event now, the Tour de Plantersville, which he organizes for the local non-profit Village People.  (This year’s Tour de Plantersville is Saturday, October 30—bring your bike!) Marsh talked to us about self worth, motivation, and other things he has learned throughout his life. “Be undeniable,” Marsh concluded. “Be undeniably you!”  After a challenging school experience last year, this was what the student body needed to hear.

By T. J.