Where do you find yourself when twilight falls on a Friday night in May?  If it’s Friday the 13th and you are in high school at TGS, you are at Prom!

TGS Juniors organized Prom 2022 at Kimbell Lodge at Hobcaw and the theme was Victorian Gothic. Black and red balloons festooned the dance floor, red lights twinkled above the doors, and posters and cutouts of characters from the Twilight series seemed to watch the festivities, vaguely approving. Vampires were very welcome and if you forgot your fangs, you could pick some up at the door!

After Ethan was crowned Prom King, the party settled into dancing, chatting, and munching on cake and fresh popcorn. Juniors Kelsi, Ella, and Isaac ran around taking care of the music and party supplies. Everyone hit the floor for the Cha-Cha Slide, the Wobble, and the Cupid Shuffle, with surprising coordination. “The dancing was really fun,” said Annika. “When it wasn’t a line dance everybody just did random moves, including running into people.” Jack showed his prowess at cowboy and Russian dancing.

Prom 2022 wound down around 11:00 but the party went on and the memories will live in our hearts forever. Thank you for a fabulous evening, Class of 2023! Thank you also to our parents who helped organize and to sponsors/chaperons Dr. Simmons and Señora Yorky!