Isabella        Dr. Gates and power tools

Members of the TGS community volunteered at the 2013 Wooden Boat Show, an event which had spectacular success this year.  Head of School Dr. Gary Gates once again joined in the boat-building challenge with his partner Sean Hoelscher of Myrtle Beach.  With sawdust flying, sweat dripping and power tools whining, the two shaved fifty minutes off their last-year’s time and placed fourth overall in time.  Sally Swineford, owner of The River Room and long-time organizer for the Wooden Boat Show, asked our students to take responsibility for one of the food tents.  So Kingfishers were dishing up pilau and passing out soft drinks and water for most of the day.  We also helped out Dr. Ged Tiller with the sailing demonstration for the S. C. Maritime Museum, chief beneficiary of the Wooden Boat Show.  Good job all around!