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Bright sunshine and mild temperatures brought more than 150 people out to the S.C. Maritime Museum on Front Street Sunday afternoon, February 9, to enjoy the first annual TGS Oyster Roast.

Pots of steaming oysters were served up by Jeep Ford, Brad Payne and Joe Exum onto large trays which TGS students carried out to the hungry oyster lovers.  “These are absolutely delicious,” said parent Logan Hejl as he slurped down another single.  There was also a grill with barbecue sandwiches and hot dogs plus a student-sponsored bake sale.  Local guitarist and songwriter John Lammonds played his music, making the afternoon festive and relaxing, joined by TGS junior Sara Cyr, also on guitar.

Students and parents kept busy throughout the party, holding signs to attract people on Front Street, selling tickets, serving the food, and recycling shells and trash.  The Mighty Kingfisher, our TGS mascot, showed up around 3:00 in his new outfit to high-five the kids and dance on the sidewalk.

TGS would like to thank its Oyster Roast sponsors: Ace Hardware, Dawson Lumber, The Meat Locker, the River Room, the S. C. Maritime Museum and Tupacz Liquors.  Congratulations to our PTO on a job well done and to Laura Lee for getting us all organized.  Parents, teachers and students, you were there for The Georgetown School and our first annual Oyster Roast was a huge success!