IMG_5480TGS students showed up for school in their best outfits carrying their folding boards to participate in our first Science Fair ever.  After Open Forum, all of the students participating in the Science Fair went out into the hall and set up their projects.  We had four distinguished judges: Dr. Donna Jones (medical epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Atlanta), Jennifer Plunket (stewardship coordinator, National Estuarine Reserve Research of Hobcaw), Melissa Heintz (education specialist, National Estuarine Reserve Research, Hobcaw), and Dr. Michael St. Louis (science officer for Global Health, the C.D.C.).  The judges started walking around and questioning the students about their projects.  “He totally destroyed me and my heart is crushed!” Adara told everyone after explaining her project to Dr. St. Louis.  (Little did she know she was going to win.)  All morning, students were anxious to know who had won and at lunch time Dr. Neubauer announced the winners of the fair:

  • Grand Prize Winner: Top Lee and his project about different kinds of motivation.
  • First Place for the High School: Lochlyn Hejl and her project about lie detection.
  • Second place for the High School: Chandler Lee and Zach McKinley and their project about Galileo’s time keeping mechanism.
  • First Place for the Middle School: Isabella Neubauer and her project about the heating of atmospheric gases.
  • Second Place for Middle School: Ryleigh Neubauer and her project on facial recognition software.
  • Honorable Mention: Adara Grant and her project on vegetable power.


The judges decided that all projects had sufficient merit and should advance to the Charleston science fair.  We want to thank the judges for giving their time and attention to our projects and express our appreciation to Dr. Neubauer for organizing this event.